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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How do I know if PSYCHED is right for me?

PSYCHED offers a brief phone consultation (15 min) to discuss what you're looking for and to see if therapy with us will be a good fit. Call or schedule directly from the button on the Home page to set up your appointment.

How does PSYCHED work?

Before beginning therapy, you will meet with your therapist for a 90 minute intake. You will be asked to complete forms prior to the intake to share information about your family's history and needs. In most cases, caregivers attend the intake session alone and your child or teen will join you for the next appointment. During the intake, we will learn about your history, the struggles that led you to our office, and what things you've already tried to address the issues. At the end of the intake, we will discuss beginning treatment goals and make suggestions for working together. For divorced or never married parents who cannot meet together, PSYCHED will meet with each parent individually prior to meeting together with parent-child dyads. We will meet for an initial "evaluation" period of 2-3 sessions to make sure that it is a good match and clarify your goals. If you decide to move forward, sessions are typically scheduled one 50-minute session per week.

What are your fees? 

PSYCHED is an an out-of-network provider. Rates are adjusted periodically, so please call to discuss current rates. Reduced fee services for those experiencing financial hardship are available on a limited basis. Payment is required at the time of each session and may be made by credit card, PayPal, cash or check. 

Certain health insurance policies provide coverage for out-of-network mental health services. However, you (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment of fees. On request, PSYCHED will provide you with a monthly statement to submit to your health insurance provider or a health savings account.  If you plan to use your insurance, you should contact your insurance carrier prior to your intake session and ask about your benefits for psychotherapy. You should inquire about the percentage or rate that they will reimburse as well as other requirements for reimbure. 

What is PSYCHED's cancellation policy?

Clients will be responsible for the full fee in the event of a missed or cancelled appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Please be aware that insurance companies do not reimburse for cancelled or missed sessions and it is your responsibility to pay the fee in full.


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