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Psychological Testing


Depending on the needs of your child or teen, different types of psychological testing may be appropriate to address the presenting issues. A combination of testing services may also be appropriate. 

Achievement, Learn Difficulty & Cognitive 


Academic or cognitive testing is used to assess issues of achievement, intelligence, or learning differences and difficulties. Often times, these issues reflect in your child's school work and can be misunderstood, creating increased school frustration, underachievement, and even school or homework refusal. Also, issues of giftnedness may be impacting your child's ability to advance to appropriate academic levels. For more information about the process for testing, please go to the FAQs page. 



Diagnostic & Behavioral Testing


Different emotional or behavioral issues may present in childhood or adolescence. Diagnostic  testing is used to clarify and explain these issues. Recommendations for treatment will be made as part of the assessment process. For more information about the process for testing, please go to the FAQs page.

Attention and Executive Functioning


Attention and Executive functioning impact children's ability to plan, organize and be successful in school and activities. Neuropsychological testing can determine if Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is impacting your child's learning.  For more information about the testing process, please visit the FAQs page. 

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